If I place my order today, when can I receive my fruits?  We require a lead time of 3 working days to process the order. 

Our delivery day : Tuesday to Saturday Delivery Slot is from 11 - 5pm.

Can I request for a specific delivery time? Yes, however, do note that additional charges may be applicable for the request.

Can we place an advance order? We are able to accept order 1 month before the delivery ( ** 40% Deposit will be required ). In the event that the fruit selected is not available, we'll contact you directly.

Am I able to place a recurring order, eg, weekly , monthly ? Yes. Please email to sourgrape@ksy.com.sg for assistance.

What is the minimum order for delivery? There is no minimum order. Delivery charges will be applicable for purchase amount before $128.40 ( Amount after 7% GST )

Is there any delivery charge, or is there any other charges? Delivery charge will be waive for purchases above [ Off-Peak ] $128.40 ( Amount after 7% GST )

Our delivery slot is from 11am - 5pm  **Additional charges will be applicable if you'll like to request for a specific delivery time.

Delivery Charge ( If Applicable ) : [ Off Peak ] : $16.05/location delivery charge will be applicable for purchases below $128.40

CNY Peak : 2018 [ To be Advcie ] $45/location delivery charge will be applicable for purchases below $321.00 ( Amount after 7% GST )

Request for Specific Delivery Time :

Request for delivery time between 11.30am - 5pm (Minimum 30 mins window) : $37.45/location

Request for delivery time between 9.30am - 11pm or 5.30pm - 7pm (Minimum 30 mins window) : $48.15/location

Request for delivery time between before 9am or after 7.30pm (Minimum 30 mins window) : $53.50/location

Re-Delivery charge:$16.05 / trip to same location

Change required ( at least 3 working days before delivery):$10.70

Different level of same building:$10.70

No Service lift: $16.05/level of stairs

I do not want to pay for the delivery charge, can I drop by to collect the goods? Yes, you may choose to pre-order & collect the fruits or you may also choose the fruits directly from our retail site located near Haw Par Villa MRT Station ( 5 mins drive )

Blk 23 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre #01-173 Singapore 110023 

Opening Hours Monday - Saturday 8am - 6pm

Can you deliver during weekends? And what are the time slots available?

Our delivery is from Tuesday - Saturday. Time Slot: 11am - 5 pm.

For other delivery day and time request, please email to sourgrape@ksy.com.sg for a quote.

If I have 2 separate orders to be sent to the same location on the same day, will delivery charge be waived if combined total is above $128.40 ( Off-Peak )?

Eg. Company Order $100 + Personal Order $20.00 = Total purchase  $128.40 ( Amount after 7% GST )

We will treat each invoice as a seperate order. Hence both orders will be subjected to a delivery charge of $16.05.

What are the payment modes available?

Online Order Mastercard and VISA

Orders via Emai : 40% deposit required for confirmation.

Bank Acount Name: Kian Seng Yong Import & Export Pte Ltd Bank Acount Number: OCBC 522089325001

For Self Collection: Balance amount via Cash or NETS at Blk 23 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre #01-173 S(110023).

For Delivery: Full payment via Cheque (Deposited into our OCBC Account OCBC 522089325001) or Internet Transfer, at least 3 working days before delivery.

For E-Invoice Via Gebiz or other invoice / payment platforms Please email to us to at sourgrape@ksy.com.sg to enquire.

What do I need to do if I want to make changes to my order?

Changes and cancellations is possible at least 3 working days before delivery. An administrative charge of $10.50 will be applicable

What if I'm not around to receive my order?

You may get anyone at the delivery address to receive your order (Eg. co-worker, neighbours, friends, family, helper s, etc) to receive the fruits on your behalf. If you are not able to get anyone to receive the order on your behalf, we are able to arrange a re-delivery @ $16.05/ trip on the same day or the next working day to the same location.